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1. What work requires a permit? What happens if I don't obtain a permit?
2. *Why do I need a permit?
3. *What do I need to obtain a building permit?
4. *As the homeowner, can I do the work myself and if I am doing the work myself, do I still need to get a Permit?
5. How long does it take to obtain a building permit? Do permits expire?
6. *Who is responsible for obtaining the permit?
7. Do plans have to be architecturally stamped and sealed? Does each page need to be stamped?
8. *If we are putting on a Second Story Addition, do the plans need to be stamped?
9. I'm putting in a deck. What do I need? Will I have inspections?
10. *What are the requirements for driveways?
11. *I'm building a fence. What is the recommended depth the posthole should be?
12. *Must my garage have electric?
13. Do I need inspections? How do I set them up?
14. *Which contractors need insurance and licenses?
15. Do I have to select a particular Knox box?
16. *Can I use PVC underground?
17. Is a roof permit required? Is an ice & water shield required for roofs?
18. *If I do any work to my home, will my property taxes be increased?
19. *I’m thinking about doing some work, can you recommend a contractor?
20. * When am I obligated to contact JULIE?