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Report a Building Division Concern

  1. Thank you for taking the time to report a concern. For further information, please call 630-620-5750. Any issues that are an immediate health or safety issues, please call 911.

    The Building Division is responsible for the various phases of building construction within the Village of Lombard. The Building Division initiates the permit processing system with the intake of all permit applications, and the routing of these applications to the appropriate departmental divisions for the start of the plan review process. Upon completion and approval of the plan review process, the Building Division issues the required permits, and conducts scheduled on-site inspections, during all construction phases. Please use this category to report issues with construction sites, elevator concerns, or general comments. The Building Division is also responsible for Accessibility complaints, administering the elevator inspection program, and issuing special event permits.

    You may continue to use this form to send updates if you see that the issue gets better or worse.

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  3. Does the Village have permission to enter your property to view the possible violation?

    We may be required to do inspections from an adjacent property, therefore we would like your permission to enter your property prior to doing the inspection. Please note above if we have your permission.

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