FY2022 Sewer Lining

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May, 2022
Tentative Completion Date: August, 2022
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Contractor: Hoerr Construction, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount: $105,859.26
Funding Sources: Water and Sewer Capital Reserve

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: publicworks@villageoflombard.org

Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: schwabr@villageoflombard.org

Resident Inspector:  Joseph Jakubik
Field Office Phone Number: N/A

After Hours: Lombard Police Department (630) 873-4400


Notify Me: Residents within construction areas are encouraged to sign up for Notify Me to receive timely updates regarding construction.

Newsletters & Notices: An initial newsletter will be mailed to areas that will have sewer lining performed. Just before the contractor is mobilizing within an area, a door hanger notice shall be distributed to affected residents to keep them apprised of the current and upcoming construction schedule.

Sewer Cleaning - Contractor Notice

Sewer Lining - Contractor Notice

Newsletter #1


Project Information

This Project Includes: Scope of work includes approximately 2,009 linear feet of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) sewer lining ranging from 8 to 15 inches in diameter and the reinstatement of approximately 30 service laterals.

Project Schedule: The schedule is predicated upon obtaining an IDOT right-of-way permit to work on Route 53. The sequence of operations is to clean and televise the sewers in May, and then return to line the sewers in June. The Contractor shall complete all work under this contract by no later than August 31, 2022.

Project Limits: The work contained on this project is located within easements, license areas, or rights-of-way.

  • 72 to 54 N Columbine Road (north of St. Charles Road)
  • 30 North Columbine Road to 606 West St. Charles Road (north of St. Charles Road)
  • 18  to 36 South Columbine Road (south of St. Charles Road)
  • 525 South Columbine Road (south of St. Charles Road)
  • 424 to 448 West St. Charles Road (east of Route 53 – west of West Road)
  • 500 to 511 West St Charles Road (east of Route 53 – west of Glenview Avenue)
  • 526 to 548 West St Charles Road (east of Route 53 – west of Glenview Avenue)

 Project Area Map: PDF attached

 Detour Map: N/A

Traffic Impact: The contractor is to maintain one lane of traffic at all times in each direction. If there is a lane reduction or closure, traffic control and protection will be provided by the contractor. 


How does this benefit me? These improvements are necessary to improve sections of deteriorated sewers.  

What is involved with this type of construction? Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining avoids expensive and disruptive excavation by inserting a flexible tube into the sewer, which is then expanded outward to the wall of the existing pipe. This creates a water-tight, smooth-surfaced, long-lasting (50-year design life) pipe within the old sewer. The new pipe will provide a smooth surface (to help flow), structural integrity, and longevity.
The lining process is accomplished by these steps:
1.  The sewers are cleaned and televised to ensure that it is clear of debris.

2.  Affected properties are notified to limit water usage during the lining and curing process. As the liner is inserted and cured, services to the sewer is temporarily blocked. Once the liner has cured, services are reinstated.

3.  The contractor re-televises the sewer to review the quality of the installation and to ensure that all services have been reinstated.

Will my road be closed? Roadway closures are not anticipated. However, short-term one-way traffic may be necessary.

If my driveway is inaccessible where do I park? If this situation arises, residents will be advised to use nearby on-street parking.

Will my water or sewer service be affected? The contractor will post door hangers 24 hours in advance of construction to notify residents whose homes will be affected by the sewer lining work. Residents will be asked to limit the usage of toilet facilities, and refrain from doing laundry for a period of no longer than 8 hours. If work is rescheduled, another door hanger notification will be issued. Notification will also be given through the Village’s Notify Me application.

Any other important details? Residents should pour a gallon of water into each basement floor drain to ensure that the traps are full. This will help to prevent sewer odors from entering the home. Please also keep toilet lids closed. If a back-up should occur, contact Public Works at 630-620-5740. After hours, contact the Police Department at (630) 873-4400.