Backyard Chickens

two chickens in backyard and smiling boyOn March 3, 2022, the Village Board approved an ordinance that allows residents to keep chickens (hens) in the rear yards of their single-family home, with a permit issued by the Village.  The ordinance was updated on December 15, 2022.  


  • A permit must be obtained before keeping chickens (hens) and a coop. 
  • Only residents of single-family homes (within the R0, R1, and R2 Zoning Districts) are eligible for backyard chickens (hens) permits. Check your property’s zoning here: ZONING MAP.
  • Up to 6 hens and no less than 2 are allowed. No roosters are allowed.
  • Chicken coops are allowed as a type of accessory structure and must be at least 10 feet from all property lines.
  • The coop must have a minimum of 4 square feet per hen and a maximum of 150 square feet will be permitted for both the covered enclosure/structure and outdoor area. 
  • Residents who do not comply with Municipal Codes Section 155.227, 155.212, and 90.04 will be subject to enforcement action.
  • For more information, please review the Keeping Backyard Chickens Brochure (PDF)


Residents must obtain a permit to raise hens.  An application can be found HERE and requires the following: 

  • A plat of survey showing the chicken coop location and setbacks from the property lines
  • Chicken coop plans
  • Electric plans (if applicable)

The permit has a $50 fee.

Applicants must also register their property with the Illinois Department of Agriculture in order to obtain a coop license. Registration with the Illinois Department of Agriculture is free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am interested in raising hens? 
Contact local hen owners or seek additional information online, particularly through local groups such as the Chicagoland Chicken Enthusiasts. Raising hens requires long-term commitment and would be suggested that if you are unfamiliar with raising chickens you attend a local workshop on raising chickens to ensure adequate preparation. 

Do I need a permit? 
Yes!  Apply online at  Select Residential Building Permit, next select Z – Chickens and submit the required materials below.  The permit fee is $50.

  • Plat of survey noting coop location
  • Coop plans
  • Electric plans, if applicable

If I have a noise or odor complaint regarding chickens, who do I call? 
Call the Village's Code Enforcement Division at 630-620-5757

If I see a chicken crossing the road, who do I call? 
Chickens are not allowed to be outside of the rear yard. Please call Code Enforcement at 630-620-5757

What should I do if my neighbor has chickens, but I am unsure if they have a permit? 
Call the Community Development and Building Department at 630-620-5749

Other questions? 
Please contact the Community Development and Building Department at 630-620-5749 or