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Hotel/Motel Tax Grant Application

  1. This application is to request funding from the Hotel/Motel tax fund. Applications must be accompanied by a budget that reflects the request by the organization. Applications are reviewed by the Community Promotions & Tourism Committee and are then referred to the Village Board.
  2. Have you requested Hotel/Motel tax funds in the past?
  3. A budget of the event or item that is being requested must be attached to the application or the grant application may be not be addressed until the budget is received. If this is a repeat request, the cancelled check(s) from the previous year must have been received by the Village Finance Department or be attached to the application.
  4. Is the event open to the general public?
  5. Do you intend to apply for a liquor license for this event/project/activity?
  6. Will any profits generated be returned to the community?
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