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Bid/RFP Document Request

  1. Once this form is submitted, a Village staff member will email you the requested document(s). Depending upon staff availability, at times there may be a slight delay.
  2. To receive the requested documents, the requester must agree to the following:*
    In the event that a written addendum is issued, either as a result of a request for interpretation or the result of a change in the specifications initiated by the Village, a copy of such addendum will be Emailed to all bidders known to the Village and made available to the public. The Village will not assume the responsibility for receipt of such addendum. In all cases, it will be the bidder's responsibility to obtain all addenda issued. Bidders will provide written acknowledgment of receipt of each addendum issued with the bid submission.

    If stated in the Notice to Bidders that the submitted bid is required to have a preprinted label that is provided by the Village, it is the bidders responsibility to acquire said label prior to submitting their bid.
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