North Grace Street Utility Improvements

General Information

Design Engineering:
Start Date: April 2022
Completion Date: January 2023
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Engineer:  Civiltech Engineering of Itasca
Awarded Contract Amount: $214,320.40
Geotechnical Consultant: Seeco Consultants of Tinley Park
Funding Sources: Construction and Water & Sewer Funds

Tentative Start Date: Early to mid-April 2023
Tentative Completion Date: Late October 2023
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Contractor: John Neri Construction
Awarded Contract Amount: $2,721,816.15
Funding Sources: Water & Sewer Funds

Contact Information 

Contact: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II/Project Manager 
(630) 620-5740 or


Newsletters & Notices: A public information meeting regarding the project will take place Thursday, February 23, 2023, between 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Residents/property owners will be notified as the date approaches. 

The “Notify Me” feature will be utilized and periodic newsletters will be issued. Hand-distributed notices will be issued as necessary.

Newsletter #1 4/11/23
Newsletter #2 5/17/23
Newsletter #3 5/25/23

Resident Letter regarding Public Meeting

Project Information 

Project Limits: North Grace Street from Prairie Avenue to North Avenue

Project: The scope of the project addresses water breaks, sags, and structural issues within the sanitary sewer pipe and manholes. Some sections of water mains shall be rehabilitated via a Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), some sections will be replaced and other sections will be decommissioned and have the services transferred to an existing larger diameter water main. Portions of the sanitary sewer will also be lined with CIPP and other sections will be replaced with new sewer. Some sanitary sewer manholes will be coated with a geopolymer or epoxy product to ensure that they are structurally sound and watertight to prevent the infiltration of groundwater.

Anticipated Project Schedule:

Bid Opening
March 6, 2023

Project AwardMarch 16, 2023 

Project Start
April 2023

Project CompletionOctober 2023    

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is this project necessary?

Some of the underground utility infrastructure has reached the end of its service life.
How does this benefit the Village? 
The benefits of the project will be an improved and more resilient water distribution and sewer collection network.
Will this impact traffic and parking? 
North Grace Street will be southbound during the installation of water and sewer services that cross the roadway and during the installation of the new water main. Lane reductions may occur in conjunction with one-way traffic. There will be periods when residents will not be able to access their driveways due to underground utility construction, driveway apron reconstruction, and roadway paving. Overnight parking passes will be distributed before residents are out of their driveways overnight or for extended periods.