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Community Development

  1. Hold Harmless Agreement for Utility Mapping Information

    This form is a hold harmless agreement between the Village of Lombard & an outside organization seeking to obtain utility mapping... More…

  1. Permit Status Request Form

Fire Department

  1. Burn Permit Application

    Open Burning Permit Application


  1. Application To Serve on a Board or Committee

    The Village of Lombard actively seeks qualified resident candidates to serve on its volunteer Boards, Committees, and Commissions.... More…

Manager's Office / Board of Trustees

  1. 2020 Census Complete Count Partner Form
  2. Medal of Character Excellence Award Nomination
  1. Citizen Incident Report
  2. Public Meeting Comment Form

    While social distance restrictions are in place, residents may submit their comment for Village Board of Trustees Meetings, without... More…

Public Works

  1. Bid/RFP Document Request

    To request no-cost bid and proposal documents be emailed to you.

  2. Large Complex Temporary On-Street Parking Request

    To be submitted by complexes to request on street parking for parking lot maintenance and other such events.

  3. Parkway Tree Cost-Share Program Application

    For residents interested in participating in a program through which they can have a parkway tree planted by paying a portion of the... More…

  4. Public Works Citizens Academy Participant Survey

    A survey for residents that have participated in the Public Works Citizens Academy.

  5. Request for Placement of a Temporary Dumpster in Village Right-of-Way

    This form is used to request permission to place a temporary dumpster within the Village right-of-way.

  6. Waste Management At Your Door Collection Satisfaction Survey

    A satisfaction survey of users of the At Your Door Collection.

  1. Block Party Application

    This form should be submitted for a approval to close a public roadway for a block party.

  2. Lombard Pride Cleanup Registration

    For people interested in signing up to participate in trails cleanup.

  3. Public Works Citizens Academy Application

    For use by interested participants to enroll in the Public Works Department Citizens Academy.

  4. Public Works Utilities Website
  5. Road/Lane Closure Request for Construction/Utility Activity

    For contractors to request a road or lane closure due to private or public construction and utility activity. This form is not for... More…

  6. Waste Management Inquiry/Service Issue

    Residents may submit this form for forwarding to Waste Management Route Managers.